Customer's CopperMine Model 500 processed $100k worth of copper in 2 weeks!

CopperMine Model 500 Processes Over $100k Worth of Copper in Two Weeks

CopperMine Model 500 Automatice Wire Stripping Machine

"Better Tools, Better Results." This has been our promise to customers from CopperMine. Copper recycling, either as a business or as a hobby, is all about efficiency. After all, you are spending man-hours in exchange for added value to your scrap wires. A better-designed tool directly translates to higher profitability from your operation, which gives you a competitive edge over your competition.

CopperMine has been manufacturing and designing the markets leading copper recovery tools for a little over ten years, with machines ranging from pocket-sized manual wire strippers to industrial powered copper recovery machines. 

The CopperMine Model 500 is typically priced under $3,000.00 including free domestic shipping to the lower 48 states is designed to be our most efficient copper wire stripping machine. This machine includes a total of 19 cutting channels, a patented quick blade change shaft, a powerful 3 horsepower motor, and has a 200 ft/min stripping speed. 

Take a look at what one of our most recent customer's had to say about the machine.

"Hi, my name is Tamra we had purchased two model 500s we couldn't be more pleased with this product. We wanted to send you a picture of one machine that worked 1 man, 2 women in two weeks making over 100,000 in the product. Thanks again for a great product." - May 18, 2017

The CopperMine Model 500 is the most advanced and comprehensive design on the market, and this just proves it. After selling over 1,000 units we are certain that this machine meets our customer's expectations and back that by offering a 30-Day money back guarantee. 

Do you have a Model 500? Share your story with us!

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