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We are an innovation-driven company that specializes in copper recovery tools. Copper gains value when the insulation around it is removed, thus the practice of reclaiming copper from scrap wires has been around ever since copper was used to conducting electricity. Wire strippers have long replaced gasoline and matches as a safer and cleaner means. Although wire stripping technology has come a long way, it never slows down its pace going forward. Every now and then, new technologies offer better-designed wire stripping tools that are more efficient and are easier to use than ever before.


"Better Tools, Better Results." This has been our promise from CopperMine Tools. Copper recycling, either as a business or as a hobby, is all about efficiency. After all, you are spending man-hours in exchange for added value to your scrap wires. A better-designed tool directly translates to higher profitability from your operation, which gives you a competitive edge over your competition. You will find exclusive features only available from CopperMine that will boost your productivity as well as your bottom line. Our designs are often inspired by customer demands and are perfected by multiple rounds of improvements. Our classic models have all been field-tested by a network of enthusiastic test users, large and small operations alike. We hold a series of US and foreign patents and pending patents. New inventions still get churned out from our Boston-based R&D Lab each year, followed by frequent new product announcements.


Few industrial tools are fed with materials as diverse and unpredictable as a wire stripper is fed with scrap wires. Sometimes the working condition that a wire stripper endures can only be described as brutal: shape irregularities, surface contamination, and foreign objects are all too common in the field. Quality has always been the foundation of CopperMine's success. Our machines are proudly built with high-quality materials, from bearing to metal stock to paint, as well as outstanding workmanship, such as CNC machining, tight tolerance, and stringent quality control. Each CopperMine owner can be assured by our industry-leading warranties, so comprehensive that they cover parts not covered by our competition, such as motors and gearboxes.


We carry an extensive stock of spare parts in our Boston warehouse. One-business-day shipping minimizes your machine's downtime. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service specialist is just a toll-free phone call away. We listen to and care about our customers' feedback because we believe together we can make great tools even better.


Our central office is located at 12 Murphy Drive Suite 200 Nashua, NH 03062, USA.