Why Choose CopperMine?

By the time you stop by this website, probably you have already seen some copper wire stripper models, or copper granulators on the market. You will notice that our machines look different from our competition. Their models look almost commodity-like, hardly distinguishable among many sellers. The difference doesn't stop on the surface, at all. Our tools are better than the rest, both inside and out.


We own intellectual properties (IP) that other suppliers simply don't have. Being an innovation driven company, we hold a series of US and foreign patents, both granted and pending. Many features that make our wire strippers and granulators more efficient. These benefits are only available from CopperMine.


Quality has always been the foundation of CopperMine's success. Our machines are proudly built with high quality materials, from bearing to metal stock to paint, as well as outstanding workmanship, such as CNC machining, tight tolerance, and stringent quality control. Each CopperMine owner can be assured by our industrial leading warranties, so comprehensive that they cover parts not covered by our competition, such as motors and gearboxes.


We carry an extensive stock of spare parts in our Boston warehouse. One-business-day shipping minimizes your machine's down time. Our friendly and knowledgeable technical service specialists are just a toll-free phone call away. We listen to and care about our customers' feedback because we believe together we can make great tools even better!