Maximizing your Operations Profits with a Plunge in Copper Prices

Maximizing your Operations Profits with a Plunge in Copper Prices

Copper prices have drastically decreased in the past week, and it's no secret. In 2022, the United States has seen prices sky rocket as high as $4.93/ lb, and then plunge, as low as, $3.71/ lb. Although the significant decrease has many people weary of what the future holds, now is the time more than ever to focus on processing your wire as efficiently as possible. In order to maximize your profits to its fullest potential look at your operation and ask yourself what is missing?

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Copper Wire Stripping Machines:
Does your facility have a copper wire stripping machine, and if so is it manual or powered? Wire stripping machines have come a long way over the years and we have a wide variety of models that can increase productivity and efficiency within your operation. Ask yourself, how much more can I make using a machine that peels copper insulation off of a wire at 200 ft/min vs using a razor blade or selling the wire with the insulation on it? A great investment is our CT-500, the most versatile wire stripping machine on the market that has patented features to set itself apart from the competition. Customers have said this machine is "effortless" and "so easy to operate a lady and a 11 year old can run it by them selves". The automatic wire stripping machine is exactly what you receive, with minimal to no adjustments, you select the feed channel and let the machine do the work.


Copper Wire Granulators:
The price tag of a adding a copper granulator to your operation may put you into shock at first, but if you actually do the math you may be surprised by the potential profit it could bring in. Now let's not get ahead of ourselves of course if you have started looking into granulators you clearly know that there is money to be made. It now comes down to deciphering which model and size is right for your operation. Of course there are many brands out there from European models, American custom made, and Chinese factory models. How do you choose? Well anyone who has begun researching will tell you that it takes a lot of unanswered phone calls, numerous dead end emails, and hours of browsing sites with no price listed.

The advantage to CopperMine is we are honest, located within the United States, and have a responsive team of knowledgeable customer service specialists that are available to guide you throughout your purchase. CopperMine clearly advertises each machines prices on our website so that there is no confusion. All of our machines are test run, often on the exact sample wires provided by the customer where the machine is going to, right here in our Nashua, NH warehouse. We stock all of our machines replacements parts and offer extensive warranty options. Now back to what you are here for.

The CT-610, is so compact that it is designed to be a single person operation. That's right, one person can operate and feed this machine. Minimizing your labor costs will save you a fortune, we all know that the next highest investment is the wages you will pay an operator(s) to run the equipment you are purchasing. If you are not sold for this reason alone, let's dive a little deeper at how our granulator will maximize your small to medium operations profit.

  • Small foot print, does not require an excessive amount of floor space.
  • Processes up to 200lbs/ hour of scrap cable and wire.
  • Low power consumption up to 10kW.
  • Minimal maintenance decreasing machine down time.
  • Environmental-friendly: no dust during operation.

Consider Converting to a Full System Operation:
If you have made it this far you are probably asking yourself now, what are the advantages or disadvantages to adding a preshredder and conveyor to my granulator? Now that's a whole separate article we will create another time. In short the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A preshredder will reduce the operators physical labor in manually feeding the machine and breaking down the wires into smaller hand fed sections. The conveyor maximizes your granulators throughput by providing a continuous and stable feed of wire chops directly into your granulator.

Now I'm sure you can do the math but running these machines 8 hours per day, 5 days a week with one operator you should end up with an estimated through put of up to 8,000 lbs. Now let's estimate on the low end that your copper content by weight is 68%. You should have around 5,440 lbs of copper at the end of the week to sell. Even at the lowest stake price of $3.71/ lb, you are looking at a potential revenue of $20,182.40! Of course deducting your labor cost, electricity, depreciation, and the purchase price of the wire needs to be accounted for, but even after this you should still turn a very good profit.

Does this have you scratching your head now asking yourself if selling your low grade wire unprocessed was worth it? Stop stalling and contact us today to inquire about adding the right machine to your operation to maximize your profits.


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