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Industrial Copper Wire Granulator for Copper Recovery

Industrial Copper Wire Granulator for Copper Recovery

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Exclusive Features:
--High purity rate 99.99% for recycling both copper and plastic/rubber
--Designed especially for Low-Grade Wires.
--Can process both Copper and Aluminum wires.
--Maximum throughput 150 lbs of insulated wire per hour.
--Specialized to process automotive, communication, and other scrap wires/ cables under 9/16” in diameter.
--Will process miscellaneous wires that are not economical for a copper wire stripper.
--A compact machine that does not take up an excessive amount of space.
--Environmental-friendly: no dust during operation.
--Easy to operate 1-Person.
--1 Year Warranty  

+ Good for solid wires from 40 AWG to 14 AWG, or cables up to 9/16”.
+ Power requirement: 208 - 220VAC, 60Hz, 3-Phase, up to 50A (60A with optional 15HP chopper motor)
+ Power consumption: up to 10kW (14kW with optional 15HP chopper motor)
+ Main chopper motor: 208VAC, 60Hz, 3-Phase, (29.1A) • Delta connection, 10HP/ 7.5kw (15HP/ 11kW optional), 1760 rpm
+ Blower motor:  208VAC, 60Hz, (3-Phase), (7.98A) • 2HP (1.5kW), 1750 rpm
+ Vacuum motor: 208VAC, 60Hz, (3-Phase) 4.6A 2HP (1.1kW), 3600 rpm
+ Vibrator motor (2 installed): 208VAC, 60Hz, 3-Phase, 1.45A Delta connection, 1/4kW/ 0.15kW, 1800 rpm
+ Power consumption: up to 10kW/ (Optional 14kW).
+ Weight: 1,900 Lbs
+ Dimensions: 70” x 46” x 66”
+ Easily accessible vacuum adjustment.  
+ Easily accessible blower adjustment.
+ Easily accessible Emergency Stop switch.
+ Great for a one man shop operation or a large scale operation.
+ Fully stocked replacement parts.
+ Shipping Weight: 2635 LBS
+ Shipping Crate Dimensions: 60 L x 65 W x 78 H

* The above range of wire gauges are for typical wire products. Due to the variety of wire structures, actual range may vary.
Try it for 30 days and if it does not meet your expectations, just ship it back to us for a full refund of the purchasing price, no questions asked customer is resposible for the return shipping cost.
For more info about our EXTENDED WARRANTY contact us!
COPPERMINE'S Model 610 is the MOST VERSATILE copper wire granulator on the market.
Processing speed: approx. 150 lbs insulated wire per hour.
1-Year Warranty, most generous on the market backed by superior quality; Outstanding customer service


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