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P-102 x 25

25 Premium Replacement Blades for CopperMine Model 101 & 102

25 Premium Replacement Blades for CopperMine Model 101 & 102

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A set of TWENTY FIVE (25) Replacement blades for your handheld CopperMine wire stripping tool! Don't lose out on productivity when you're stuck with a dull blade, this auction allows you to always have high quality backup blades on hand Handheld CopperMine Wire Stripper Not Included. Please note: This blade fits the Handheld Wire Stripper we currently sell. However, for some earlier batches of our Handheld Wire Stripper, the gap the blade enters on the rotating dial may be a little too tight for this thicker blade. You just need to widen it slightly, using a hacksaw or sandpaper, for example.

  • Can be used in a Mini Utility Blade
  • High-Grade Steel Alloy Thicker Material (0.6mm vs 0.4mm)
  • Shorter edge won't chip when cutting into copper.
  • Trimmed tip eliminates weak points in the blade, increases longevity and durability.
  • Lasts ten times longer than stock blades.
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